The 8th Indofest 5 Oct 2015 – Adelaide

On 5th of October 2015, Rudolf Wirawan, President of IDN-NSW as well as Vice President of IDN-Global for Australia and Oceania visited the 8th Indofest in Adelaide. The main objective of the visit is to learn from the success of IDN-SA in promoting Indonesia to South Australia.

Indofest-Adelaide is a vibrant community festival celebrating all things Indonesian. The local Indonesian community has been bringing the cuisine and culture of one of Australia’s closest and most important neighbours to Adelaide since 2008. Indofest Adelaide is now one of the state’s outstanding multicultural events and is widely regarded as one of the most successful Indonesian cultural festivals in the southern hemisphere.

Indofest is a collaborative effort of South Australia’s Indonesian community groups and is presented by the not-for-profit Australian-Indonesian Association of South Australia (AIASA). Established in 1967, this year sees the AIASA celebrate 50 years of fostering engagement with Indonesian culture and promoting people-to-people diplomacy in South Australia. AIASA is a non-partisan organisation that works to unite our community as one.

Indofest Main Objective
 To introduce Indonesia to the South Australian public by showcasing traditional and contemporary Indonesian art, dance, music, food and language
 To actively engage members of the South Australian community and stimulate people-to-people connections that strengthen the Indonesia-South Australia relationship.
 To encourage interest in, and promote study of Indonesian culture and language, to build educational links with Indonesia, and to foster youth ties between Indonesia and South Australia.
 To help create and consolidate opportunities for commercial transactions, business dialogue and tourism ventures between Indonesia and South Australia.

In recent years, the Indofest program has expanded well beyond its traditional single day focus, incorporating a wide range of linked events under the Indofest banner throughout the year, including a successful schools program, cabaret performances, a symposium organised in partnership with Flinders University.